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White House Agile Playbook


digitalServicePlaysIt looks like the agile movement started from the health reform site failures is continuing to a more broader agile movement.


The WhiteHouse has recently published the U.S. Digital Services Playbook: http://playbook.cio.gov/
Which outlines ‘plays’ that revolve around agile methodologies. Many stating directly: use agile!


They also have the TechFAR handbook which dives into more technical approaches that revolve around agile and some of the technical excellence methodologies: http://playbook.cio.gov/techfar/


Check these resources out!

Government Healthcare Site Highlighted for Agile

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The government launched healthcare.gov site has been scrutinized in every way since it’s launch. Healthcare.gov is one of the most unique launches in history in that it was a new site, solving a new problem that has a realistic user base of the entire population of the United States all likely to visit on launch day. This is an unheard of launch for a web system. User base didn’t grow over years, it was instantaneous.


Due to the high profile nature of this site, the process which lead to it’s unsuccessful launch has been reflected on by the government, industry experts and the community at large.  Read some of these articles that articulate how agile methodologies could have discovered and resolved many of these issues.