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I want to understand the strategy for piloting or scaling Agile adoption.

Are you looking to pilot or scale your Agile adoption? Do you have teams currently adopting Agile with inconsistent results? Perhaps you’re looking to scale Agile across the enterprise and beyond technology teams?

bandaid-ico Top Pain Points

No strategic alignment, constantly changing priorities
Missed deadlines, long wait for big bang releases = unhappy customers
Silos, handoffs and lack of collaboration and trust
No visibility into progress or understanding of true capacity
We’ve attempted to scale Agile across teams but with inconsistent adoption
Missing the cultural/leadership transformation part

What We Do About It:

It usually starts with a discovery call followed by the options below:

  • Transformation strategy road-mapping session with leaders
  • Pilot Agile and Cultural Transformation
  • Scale Agile and Cultural Transformation
  • Enterprise Transformation

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I’m looking for specific Agile Training Coaching for my team.

Are you looking for specific and targeted training or coaching for your teams? Do you want to Jump Start or improve your team’s current Agile adoption? Do you have any of the pain points below?

bandaid-ico Top Pain Points

Large backlog of work not getting done
Constantly changing business priorities
Silos, handoffs, heavy processes, lack of trust, collaboration
Slow time to market, too long to deliver
Missing, incomplete, changing, ambiguous requirements
No focus, multi-tasking several projects by the same people

Here is how we can help:

It usually starts with a discovery call followed by the options below:

  • We offer the most real world results-driven Agile and Cultural transformation workshops to help your teams succeed.
  • We have Team Transformation and Jump Start programs that deliver measurable results to address your top pain points

It all starts with a short call! Schedule a Call or call us now at 1.402.858.0529

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I’m a Change Agent who wants to help my company transform.

Are you an existing Agile change agent looking for more enablement tools to help your organization’s transformation succeed? We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

bandaid-ico Top Pain Points

Not getting consistency with Agile adoption, everyone not on the same page
Teams reverting back to form easily, missing the ‘why’ behind the practices
Don’t have a clear roadmap/strategy for the next
Leadership says they know Agile but they need more education on their role
Need buy-in from business, infrastructure, management, facilities, finance and others
No clear way to see how the teams are doing or how to help them grow
Lacking strong internal Agile expertise to lead and sustain the transformation

Here is how we can help:

We start with a short discovery call to learn more about the immediate goals you have, we may suggest any of the following options:

  • Utilizing AgilityHealth to assess the current TeamHealth and identify common gaps
  • Develop clear growth plans for each team and address org impediments
  • Infuse more cultural, soft skills and leadership training and coaching
  • Leverage to gain more consistent understanding of Agile
  • Just in Time deep dive training and coaching targeting specific gaps
  • Build internal Agile capabilities through our AgilityHealth Certifications

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I’m looking for qualified sources for my customer’s Agile needs

If you are looking for highly qualified and experienced Agile services provider then you’ve come to the right place.

You are seeking

  1. Looking for highly qualified and experienced Agile services provider
  2. Proven track record for success
  3. Certified to do business with the Government

Why We’re The Right Fit

  • We offer the most comprehensive Agile transformation learning and assessment offerings tailored to address government needs
  • We have a proven transformation roadmap and track record for success
  • Our AgilityHealth proprietary assessment technology is the most powerful in the market
  • We are certified as: SBA 8(a) Program Participant and EDWOSB

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