Texas Department of Public Safety Delivers Faster than Ever


Texas DPS and texas.gov completed an eight-month project to create a new vehicle inspection service in record time and cheaper than ever by utilizing agile development.  The system they were replacing took 18 months to develop and that was not an option for them this time around.


Texas DPS and texas.gov had to work together to deliver a usable system and they had always worked with variants of waterfall methodologies.  For this project they had “three teams of 10 employees met every two weeks to discuss what they had developed and make adjustments to keep the project on course, rather than waiting until the end, hoping that everything turned out right. ” They found the limited success of up front requirements gathering and the need for collaboration that agile was the obvious choice.  Texas.gov had experience using agile on internal projects but this was their first agile project done in collaboration with another agency.  They found agile to excel and empower this collaboration.


Other awesome conclusions that Texas DPS discovered included the team feeling an increased sense of engagement and reward as well as being more innovative than ever.


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