Transformation Stories

Below are some videos and case studies of Real World transformation stories to inspire you along your own journey!

Colonel John Shepley

Col Shepley shares his views and experiences on Agile Adoption at the DoD. He highlights lessons learned from previous Waterfall implementations and highlights (with humor) the need for an Agile Transformation.

Agile for Defense

Sally asks military, government and contracts about their top challenges when switching to agile and discusses drivers for change in government projects in this Agile for Defense meetup.

US Strategic Command J6

Case Study in Agile Pilot

This case study provides a real life example of an Agile Pilot implementation in a government organization. The Agile Pilot Program provided a unique opportunity to compare the successes and failures of two teams with identical environments and answers the following questions: Why did one team achieve high success while the other team had challenges and barriers in every sprint? Why did one team rise above their impediments and work as a team, while the other struggled with priority, self-organization, and team work? The two project teams represent both a best case and a worst case scenario for Agile adoption. The benefit of having this comparison is the clear illustration of the impact of the preparedness of the organization, sponsorship and individuals to shift to an Agile mindset.

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