Below are real world stories of agile use in government projects as well as related stories surrounding why and how the government wants you to go agile. Do YOU have a transformation story? Please contact us and share, we would love to hear about it!

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Scrum Process

Intro to Scrum Videos

This is the most popular and most watched series that introduces you to the core of Scrum including the main roles, process, artifacts and important terms used. If you are new to Agile this is where you should start!

Agile Team Roles

Agile Team Roles

Dig deeper into the various Agile Roles, including the 3 Scrum Roles. You will explore how traditional roles such as Sponsors, Management, Project Manager, Analyst, Developer, Tester change on an Agile Team.

Deep Dive Webinars

Deep Dive Webinar Videos

Watch this set of practical and engaging hour-long webinars that go deeper into many introductory and advanced topics on Agile. You’ll get a ton of real-world, practical knowledge you can use right away. So dig in!